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About Our Equipment

Some of the equipment we use regularly, includes...

  • Sony HD Camcorders with NightShot - Still some of the best consumer grade IR cameras available.
  • RT-EVP 2 Spirit Box Recorder - Spirit Box with built in recording capabilities.
  • SB7 Spirit Box - A classic AM/FM sweeping spirit box.
  • DAS-SDD-1Z Shadow Detection Device - Device is able to detect small and subtle fluctuations of light.
  • Zoom H4n and H1 Digital Recorder - Assuring the highest quality digital EVP recordings.
  • Phantom Lite IR Illuminators - Some of the best available IR illuminator products available.
  • REM-Pods - Tried and tested equipment used by many, if not all, in this field.
  • Mel Meters, K-II Meters and EMF Field Testers - The standard for any paranormal research group.

Photos of some of our go-to gear...