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Rolling Hills Asylum (E. Bethany, NY) - November 18, 2011
This was the first experience for GTS being able to work as a trio. A private lock down with ten people at the infamous Rolling Hills Asylum.
Kitchen - Check the ???
After Colleen finishes saying she's hungry, there is a faint voice which sounds like it could be "check the ???".
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Card Room - Bell
As Jeff is explaining a feeling he was having, there is a bell that none of us react to. This room is next to the Chapel.
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Hallway - I Just Did
As Jeff sits in the Wheelchair and asks for a push, he is answered with what sounds like "I just did."
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Basement - Yeah
Jeff appears to get a breathy "Yeah" in response to his question.
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Laundry Area - Make a Poker Face
In the laundry area, there appears to be two voices. One starts with "Turns," and the other follows with "make a poker face." (Note: It was a windy night which caused some extra noise in this room.)
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Bar Area - Voice
There are two very faint syllables, possibly "Help me", to which we react to.
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