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Rolling Hills Asylum (E. Bethany, NY) - November 27, 2013
GTS returned to the site of one of their first, and favorite, investigations, Rolling Hills Asylum. This time, with a smaller group and better equipment. Sharon, the owner of Rolling Hills, was the only other person in the building at the time, back in the "Green Room". Our friend Scott B. accompanied us to round out the group of four.
Tour - Female Whisper
During the initial tour, Sharon, the owner, had been sharing some information. As she pauses and says "Um", there is a breathy female whisper.
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Basement - Mourge - Footsteps
As we had just begun the night, we had stopped in the morgue. Very clearly, we all heard footsteps. We had confirmed with Sharon she was not walking around. Also, the room she was in did not have a hard surface floor, and she did not have on a shoe with a heel.
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Basement - Raymond's Room - Footsteps
Shortly after leaving the morgue, we again heard footsteps. We again confirmed with Sharon that she was not walking around.
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Basement - Voice
As we were setting up additional equipment, Jeff takes a piece of equipment across the room. As he sets it up, there is a voice that echoes, sounds to be along the lines of "Hello" or "Go".
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Basement - Chapel - Spirit Box "Two"
As we set up the SB-7 spirit box in the chapel, and began asking questions, we got a number of responses. Upon asking how many people were with us, we were told, "two".
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Basement - Chapel - Spirit Box Names
Continuing the spirit box session...upon asking names, were are responded to by a male and female. The female name is very clearly, Linda. We believe at the time were heard Clifford as the male name.
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Basement - Chapel - Spirit Box "Hi Jeff"
After we had received the names, Jeff had repeated their names. Shortly after, he received a response of "Hi Jeff".
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Basement - Chapel - Spirit Box "Peter"
As we continued to attempt to speak with "Clifford" and "Linda", another male voice comes through. To us it sounds if it says "Peter", shortly followed by "father".
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Basement - Chapel - Spirit Box "Welcome"
After Jeff had introduced the entire team, we were greeted with a "welcome".
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Basement - Chapel - Spirit Box "Liam"
As we continued to ask questions, we received what sounds like two more male voices. The first sounds if it says "wait", or something similar. It is very quickly followed by another name, "Liam".
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Basement - Chapel - Spirit Box "Four"
As Jeff has asked how many people can you count, there is a response of four, and there was four us us in the room at the time.
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Basement - Chapel - Spirit Box Full Session
The entire full-length spirit box session in the Rolling Hills Chapel. We would not normally post the entire session, however, there was such great activity, we decided to post the uncut session.
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Shadow Hallway - Voice
We had left our equipment running unattended on a desk in "Shadow Hallway" as we continued to the top floor. It sounds as if there is a bang on the desk the recorder is on, and there a very sing-songy, "Uh oh, uh oh, ow ow ow."
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Boiler Room - Female Voice
As we heard a possible voice through the spirit box, Scott asked for a name. This was not captured on the digital recorder in his hand.
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Barber's Room - Voice "Hallway"
As Scott and Dennis were finishing up in the Barber's room, it sounds as if one spirit was attempting to get their attention to the "hallway."
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Emma's Room - "No"
Jeff asks Emma if she had any children, and we appear to catch a response of "No."
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Third Floor - "Come In Here"
As we were leaving Emma's room, on our way to George's, Dennis' camera looks into Steve's room, and it sounds as if some one wanted him to "come in here."
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